Deposit Accounts

Now Checking

For customers who want an interest bearing checking account

  • Exclusively available to:
           Non-profit organizations
           Government organizations
  • Only $1000 to establish an interest-bearing
        checking account
  • Competitive interest rate that is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • No service charge if a daily balance of $1000 is maintained
  • No extra charge for number of checks honored/unlimited
  • Master Money Card purchases up to a $500 daily anywhere the
        Master Card emblem is displayed plus 24 hour access to
        ATMs nationwide

    Money Market Account

    For individuals and businesses seeking to earn a higher rate of return on their funds

  • Minimum initial deposit of only $2500
  • Interest is compounded and credited each month
  • Unlimited number of deposits
  • Five convenient ways to bank:
           in person
           by messenger
  • Social Security, pension and payroll checks can be
        automatically deposited
  • Tiered deposit rates for additional earnings
  • Checks, withdrawals and transfers available as allowed by law

    Statement Savings Account

    For customers who want to earn interest on their money while maintaining availability of their funds

  • Account can be opened with initial deposit
       of only $100
  • Interest is compounded quarterly
  • Allows deposits and withdrawals without
        an interest penalty
  • No limit on deposits
  • Complete record of all transactions each month -
        Reconcile and know your balance daily
  • No minimum balance or service charge for full-time students,
        customers 18 years of age and under, 65 years of age and over
        and religious or non-profit organization
  • Up to 10 free ATM withdrawals monthly with a low fee after ten
  • After hour deposits can be made safely and securely
        at the convenient night depository
  • No service charge if a $100 balance is maintained
  • Statement can be consolidated with your checking account
        for convenient record-keeping

    Premier Club Account

    Available exclusively for customers age 55 and better who maintain a minimum deposit balance of $10,000

  • Free regular checking account
  • Personalized check discount
  • Pay monthly bills automatically
  • No bank fee for issuing travelers checks, money orders, and
        cashier's checks
  • Document copying, Notary service, and Signature Guarantee
        service provided free of charge
  • Unique travel opportunities
  • Safe deposit box discount
  • Regular newsletters
  • Bank sponsored seminars on topics of interest to members

    Christmas Club Account

    Stockings For customers who want to prepare for Christmas purchases

  • Plan ahead for Christmas with fifty weeks
        of savings
  • Several payment options available to
        meet your needs
  • You decide the amount to save weekly
        or monthly
  • Convenient way to save for big Christmas
  • Payout in late October of each year-Plenty of time
        for all your holiday shopping

    Certificate Of Deposit

    For customers who want a fixed rate savings product with a higher interest rate

  • Can open an account with only a $1000 deposit
  • Flexible investment term - choose the term to fit your
        investment needs
  • Fixed interest rate - know the exact rate of interest your
        investment will earn
  • Quarterly interest payments can be compounded, transferred
        to another account or paid by check
  • Tiered rates for larger deposit amounts
  • CD can be pledged as collateral for a loan
  • Notices of maturity or renewal are sent 10 days prior to maturity
  • Automatic renewal feature available for customer convenience

    Basic Checking
    A simple way to manage your finances

  • Low monthly fee
  • Establish a checking account with an initial
       deposit of only $100
  • No minimum balance required - carry only
       a balance sufficient to cover checks written
  • 24 hour access for deposits and withdrawals
        to account at ATMs nationwide
  • Convenient night depository - after hour deposits can be
        made safely and securely
  • First 12 checks or withdrawals by ATM are free
  • Telephone transfers at no charge

    Regular Checking

    An account that offers unlimited check-writing

  • Establish a checking account with an initial deposit of only $100
  • No service charge if a daily balance of $500 is maintained
  • No service charge for full-time students, customers 18 years
        of age and under, and customers 65 years of age and older,
        religious and non-profit organizations and Premier Club members
  • Unlimited check writing at no charge
  • Never worry about making a late payment - automatic transfer
        to make loan payments and savings deposits
  • Receive cancelled checks and deposits with monthly
       statement for record keeping purposes
  • 24 hour access for deposits and withdrawals to account
       at ATMs nationwide

    Rushville State Bank
    100 E. Lafayette St., P.O. Box 50
    Rushvillle, IL 62681-0050
    ATMs at main facility and at
    553 W. Clinton on IL Route 24, Rushville and at
    County Market on 520 W. Clinton St., Rushville

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