What's New

Online Banking has a makeover with a fresh, new look and feel and exciting new enhancements to improve your online experiences.


Here’s a few details about the new digital banking enhancements:

  • NEW Home page to view all your accounts and overall financial summary plus other information to better manage your finances
  • NEW Spendable balance feature to quickly see what money you can spend and even set aside money you want to avoid spending
  • NEW "Inquire about this transaction" feature to send a secure message about a specific item in your transaction activity - the transaction information will be added to your message so no more copying and pasting
  • Enhanced transaction search features and filters to quickly find the information you need
  • Set up account alerts directly on the Accounts Details page so you can stay current on all your account activity
  • Quick access to Messages and Alerts via the Welcome Center to view details like how many unread messages you have and alerts that have been generated since your last login


 Supported Browser Policy

 Online Banking supports the desktop browsers listed in the table below.  Please upgrade your browsers to the supported versions listed below.

Browsers that are not mentioned in the table are considered unsupported. Such browsers may be used, but are not certified for use. You may experience features that do not function properly.

 ONLINE BANKING – Desktop Version



Mozilla Firefox 48 and newer

Considered to offer an optimal Online Banking Experience

MS Internet Explorer 11

Should not be used in Compatibility Mode

MS Edge

Google Chrome 53 and newer

Apple Safari 8 and newer





Mobile convenience


With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you can access balance information anytime, anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or the Internet.

SHAZAM BOLT$ is a free service offered in conjunction with Shazam, our debit card processing network. This service allows you to register your debit card to monitor usage for potential unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, as well as access balance information for your card. You can receive email alerts 24/7 whenever a debit card purchase is made where a card is not present, such as telephone transactions or those authorized in foreign countries. This service can be registered and used on your home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

For tablet or smartphone use, browse to Google Play or the Apple App store; search for and install the SHAZAM BOLT$ application to your device.


To Enroll

Download SHAZAM BOLT$ for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play or

log in to bolts.shazam.net and enter your full card number to determine if your

card is eligible.

Accept product terms and conditions, and proceed with the card verification

process. Depending on the setup with your financial institution, you’ll enter

some additional card information as well as your PIN or Social Security

number. Finally, create your username, password and user profile.

Note: Passwords must contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, one special character (!, @, #, $, %, &, or *) and be 5 to 32 characters in length.

Cardholders are required to change their password every 90 days.

Once you are logged in its really easy to add an additional card, just tap

the Add Card button and follow the same prompts for registration. Accept

the terms and conditions and verify the card.

For home computer use, browse tohttps://bolts.shazam.net/ShazamWebPortal/index.php.

  • Choose New Mobile Card User and follow the setup screens to register your card(s).
  • Review the Terms & Conditions & click to Accept.
  • Confirm the expiration date of your card & your mobile telephone number. You will receive a telephone call asking you to enter the PIN number of your card to confirm your registration.
  • Set up your user profile completing all fields including a User Name/Password.
  • On the Balance Screen, choose Alerts & Setting to set the options you would like to receive notifications. Notifications will be sent to your designated email address.
  • For future use, enter your application or browse to the URL in order to check the balance of your registered card or to update your card monitoring settings

 Fraud protection


SHAZAM BOLT$ adds another layer of protection against fraud.

SHAZAM BOLT$ can immediately alert you to potentially fraudulent activity:

  • A debit purchase for more than an amount you specify
  • Any card-not-present debit transaction (telephone orders, Internet orders, mail orders, etc.)
  • Any suspicious or high-risk transaction that occurs on your  account

Early warning is the key. When you are aware of suspicious activity, you can reduce your fraud risk and save money!


Instant transaction control


Our transaction control feature will give you more control over your accounts. You will be able to pause your card, without affecting previous transactions, if your card is stolen or goes missing. With the quick tap of a button, this optional feature will allow you to block or unblock your own card much like a temporary card block, saving you money.

This fast and simple security feature increases safety. It not only gives you peace of mind and saves you the hassle of updating automatic payment information, but also saves you money by not replacing cards found days later. This enhancement to SHAZAM BOLT$ makes this app a must have for you.


Using Transaction Control

1. In the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, tap Card Actions and then Transaction Control.

2. Then tap the slider to change the TCB (temporary card block) status of the card. If there is no block, tap the slider to block. If the card has been blocked by you previously, tap the slider to unblock if desired.

If our bank has blocked your card, you cannot unblock it, you will have to call us at 217-322-3323 for information.




Coming Soon: Lightning fast money transfers

P2P money transfers will allow virtually any SHAZAM BOLT$ cardholder to transfer money to anyone; it's safe, convenient and instantaneous. Unlike other money transfer apps with waiting periods, when we say instant, we mean it. Pay people quicker with our P2P services.



Rushville State Bank's Mobile Banking Procedures


Enjoy banking convenience with our free Mobile Banking.  Access all features in three different ways: via Text Banking, with our free app for iPhone® or Android®, or using your device's

mobile browser.*  


You can enroll either starting from your Online Banking site or from your mobile device. 

Enrolling via the Online Banking site allows users to activate all modes of mBanking: Text Banking, Mobile Web and Mobile App.  On-device enrollment allows activation of Mobile Web &

Mobile App modes entirely from your mobile device. (Text Banking can be activated
only via the Online Banking site.)


Online Banking site mobile enrollment procedures:

1) You must have an Online Banking account with us. Log onto your Online Banking from your PC & go to the User Services Tab, Manage Account section, then select Mobile Enrollment.

2) Select your mobile carrier (if other is selected, Text Banking will not be available),enter your 10 digit phone number, accept terms & conditions, and click enroll.

3) Make sure there is a check mark beside "Text Banking" and/or "Mobile Banking." Click continue to get your activation code. If Text Banking was selected, you will receive a text message
on your device, prompting activation. You must use your phone to complete the activation
process within 24 hours. If Mobile Banking was selected, you will receive a text message with the URL to get to the Mobile Browser based home page to complete process.

   To get to the sign-on screen on the mobile device, you can:

  • Tap the link in the text message resulting from the successful activation of Text Banking
  • Use a link on the institution's Web site or the Mobile Banking Center page
  • Download & install our RSB mobile app from Google® Play or the Apple® App Store.

Any of these approaches produces the same series of enrollment steps, beginning with signing on.

 The User ID & Password sign-on credentials are the same access ID & passcode that you enter in Online Banking.           

4) Once valid credentials are entered, you are presented with security questions from your Online Banking profile.

5) After successfully answering your security question(s), you will be presented with our Terms & Conditions.

6) After accepting the Terms & Conditions, you will be prompted to enter your device's phone number to enroll (unless you had previously entered your #, or if you are an iPad® users
you will not see this screen). After successful enrollment, you will see the Account View page.


On-Device mobile enrollment procedures:

1)You must have an Online Banking account with us.

2)Download & install our RSB mobile app from Google Play® or the Apple® App Store.

3)Enter your Online Banking user Access ID and password/passcode, then follow above steps 4-6.


*Please note that all though our Mobile Apps are free to download, you may incur costs from
your carrier for voice and/or data usage for downloading and use of the Mobile App. Rushville
State Bank is in no way responsible or liable for these additional costs by your carrier,
and that by downloading the app you assume all responsibility for costs of downloading and
using the app from your wireless carrier or provider.




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