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Security Update for Internet Banking Users


Periodically, our online banking vendor will install updates to improve security and protect our customers and their account information.  On January 14, our vendor will install an update that will affect customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or older on a Microsoft XP Operating System. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 and Windows XP are no longer supported or updated by Microsoft and present potential security issues for that reason.  As new threats are discovered to online security, new software patches cannot be deployed to these browser or operating system versions.


Customers using these browser and operating systems will be required to upgrade to newer versions before they will be able to access online banking accounts.  It is recommended that customers consult a computer software service provider/retailer to assist you with any changes to your operating system and internet explorer. 


As an alternative, users of Windows XP can enable TLS 1.0 (Transport Layer Security) and disable SSL 3.0 (Secure Sockets Layer) on their computer by following the below instructions.


-- On the Internet Explorers Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then on the Advanced tab, under the security section, make sure the SSL boxes are unchecked, and that the TLS boxes are checked (different operating systems and versions of IE may have different options available). Click Apply, then OK.


This is a screen shot of what the user will experience if they are unable to access Online Banking:

As a best practice to keep your computer and online banking accounts safe, we recommend that you keep your operating system and browser up to date. Periodically check your operating system's vendor for updates and turn on auto updates for all applications that support it.





Mobile Banking is here!


 Manage your finances with ease anytime or anywhere, with Rushville State Bank's free mobile banking. Simply log in to online banking, and choose our Mobile Enrollment option. You can access all the features in three different ways: via text banking, with our free app for iPhone* or Android*, or using your device's mobile browser. Start enjoying banking convenience today!





Enrollment procedures:


1)              You must have an online banking account with us. Log onto your Online Banking from your PC & go to                  the User Services Tab, Manage Account section, then select Mobile Enrollment.


2)              Select your mobile carrier (if other is selected, Text Banking will not be available),enter your 10 digit                  phone number, accept terms & conditions, and click enroll.


3)              Make sure there is a check mark beside "Text Banking" and/or " Mobile Banking". Click continue to get                  your activation code (you must use your phone to complete the activation process within 24 hours.)


4)              You can print Activation instructions, or follow steps on screen to activate Text Banking and/or Mobile                   Banking.  Note: If Text banking was selected, you will receive a text message on your device, prompting                  activation. If Mobile Banking only-and not Text Banking-was selected, you will receive a text message                  with the URL to get to the Browser based home page.


5)              At the end of the enrollment process, if you are using the Mobile Banking website, the Mobile Banking                  Center screen displays the available services links including:

                  -Activate Now, if you have enrolled but not yet activated

                  -Get Activation Code, if you forgot your code, or need a new one, or yours expired

                  -Remove this phone, if phone permanently lost or stolen

                  -Disable this phone, if phone is temporarily misplaced

                  -Change phone # or carrier, if phone details change

                  -FAQ, provides helpful information for Mobile Banking.


6)             If you have an iPhone or Android and want the downloadable apps, download the app for Apple iPhone                 from the App Store or Android through Google Play.


7)             If you have downloaded the iPhone or Android app, the Welcome set up screen displays. If you are                 already enrolled and have received your activation code, select "I have one" then enter the code and                             your phone number, select Activate, then OK. If you do not have an activation code, select "I need                 one" and follow the steps. Enter your online banking access ID & passcode to log in.


*Please note that all though our Mobile Apps are free to download, you may incur costs from your carrier for voice and/or data usage for downloading and use of the Mobile App. Rushville State Bank is in no way responsible or liable for these additional costs by your carrier, and that by downloading the app you assume all responsibility for costs of downloading and using the app from your wireless carrier or provider.





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