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Debit Card Notice


As some of our customers may be directly aware, on April 9 we were notified from our debit card processor, Shazam, that a small percentage of our debit card customers’ cards may have been compromised through a merchant breach of data.  We receive notices like this on a regular basis and our normal practice is to cancel the compromised card and replace with a new card to eliminate or lessen the possibility of fraud occurring with customer debit card accounts.

In this case, we contacted each customer that was on the compromised listing by telephone and notified them of the breach as well as the fact that their card would be blocked from access until a new card could be issued.  We realize that this process can be inconvenient for our customers, but we feel it is a necessary one to mitigate the chance of unauthorized access to customer accounts.

We are working with our processor and authorities to determine the source of the merchant data breach, and we can assure you that the data breach did not occur within our systems at Rushville State Bank and the compromised cards accounted for a small percentage of our total card accounts.  If you ever have any questions regarding your accounts, please contact us directly at 217-322-3323.  Thank you for your cooperation in this process.



Avoiding Online Tax Scams


It’s tax season, which means it’s also time for tax scams, with numerous online scams that attempt to steal people’s tax refunds, bank accounts or identities.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates it paid $5.2 billion in fraudulent identity theft refunds in the 2013 filing season. Websense® Security Labs reported in 2014 it saw approximately 100,000 IRS-related scams in circulation every two weeks.

This year, we need to be especially careful in light of the Anthem Breach, in which data from approximately 80 million customers was exposed, triggering new phishing attacks offering false claims of credit monitoring services.

Users who have already filed their taxes this season can still be vulnerable to tax-related scams. Many schemes take advantage of users by alleging to have information about the filer’s refund or noting a problem with the return that was previously filed.

One scam that has already been impacting users this season involves phishing emails claiming to be from Intuit’s TurboTax®. The emails prompt users to click on links to verify their identity or update their accounts in an attempt to download malware to the victim’s machine or steal data such as Social Security numbers (SSNs) or financial information.      

Below are some of the most common email scams users should be cautious about:

·        The email says the user is owed a refund and should forward a bank account number where the refund may be deposited. Once the scammer has the bank account information, that account will see a big withdrawal, not a deposit.

·        The email contains exciting offers or refunds for participating in an “IRS survey.” This fake survey is actually used to acquire information to perform identity theft.

·        The email threatens the user with fines or jail time for not making an immediate payment or responding to the email.

·        The email includes a “helpful” downloadable document (for example: new changes in the tax law, a tax calculator, etc.). In reality, the download is a malicious file intended to infect your computer.

How To Avoid Becoming A Tax Scam Victim

·        Don't respond to emails appearing to be from the IRS.  The IRS doesn't initiate taxpayer communications through email or social media to request personal or financial information. If you receive an unsolicited email claiming to be from the IRS, send it to phishing@irs.gov.

·        Don't respond to unsolicited emails and don't provide sensitive information via email. If the email appears to be from your employer, financial institution, broker, etc., contact the entity directly. Don't open any attachments or click on links contained in unsolicited or suspicious emails.

·        Carefully select the tax sites you visit. Use caution when searching online for tax forms, advice on deductibles, tax preparers and other similar topics. Don't visit a site by clicking on a link sent in an email, found on someone's blog or in an advertisement. The website you land on may look just like the real site, but it may be a well-crafted fake.

·        Secure your computer.  Make sure your computer has all operating system and application software updates. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software should be installed, running and receiving automatic updates. Ensure you use a strong password and different passwords for each account.

You may also refer to the following resources:

·        IRS 2015 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

·        What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen- FTC Guidebook

·        Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts

·        Report Phishing



Rushville State Bank's Mobile Banking Procedures

Enjoy banking convenience with our free Mobile Banking.  Access all features in three different ways: via Text

Banking, with our free app for iPhone® or Android®, or using your device's mobile browser.*  


You can enroll either starting from your Online Banking site or from your mobile device. 

Enrolling via the Online Banking site allows users to activate all modes of mBanking: Text Banking, Mobile Web and

Mobile App.  On-device enrollment allows activation of Mobile Web & Mobile App modes entirely from your

mobile device. (Text Banking can be activated only via the Online Banking site.)


Online Banking site mobile enrollment procedures:

1) You must have an Online Banking account with us. Log onto your Online Banking from your PC & go to the User

   Services Tab, Manage Account section, then select Mobile Enrollment.

2) Select your mobile carrier (if other is selected, Text Banking will not be available),enter your 10 digit phone 

    number, accept terms & conditions, and click enroll.

3) Make sure there is a check mark beside "Text Banking." and/or "Mobile Banking." Click continue to get your

    activation code. If Text Banking was selected, you will receive a text message on your device, prompting 

    activation. You must use your phone to complete the activation process within 24 hours. If Mobile Banking was

    selected, you will receive a text message with the URL to get to the Mobile Browser based home page to

    complete process.

   To get to the sign-on screen on the mobile device, you can:

  • Tap the link in the text message resulting from the successful activation of Text Banking
  • Use a link on the institution's Web site or the Mobile Banking Center page
  • Download & install our RSB mobile app from Google® Play or the Apple® App Store.

   Any of these approaches produces the same series of enrollment steps, beginning with signing on.

   The User ID & Password sign-on credentials are the same access ID & passcode that you enter in Online   


4) Once valid credentials are entered, you are presented with security questions from your Online Banking profile.

5) After successfully answering your security question(s), you will be presented with our Terms & Conditions.

6) After accepting the Terms & Conditions, you will be prompted to enter your device's phone number to enroll

    (unless you had previously entered your #, or if you are an iPad® users you will not see this screen). After

    successful enrollment, you will see the Account View page.


On-Device mobile enrollment procedures:

1)You must have an Online Banking account with us.

2)Download & install our RSB mobile app from Google Play® or the Apple® App Store.

3)Enter your Online Banking user Access ID and password/passcode, then follow above steps 4-6.


*Please note that all though our Mobile Apps are free to download, you may incur costs from your carrier for voice

and/or data usage for downloading and use of the Mobile App. Rushville State Bank is in no way responsible or

liable for these additional costs by your carrier, and that by downloading the app you assume all responsibility for

costs of downloading and using the app from your wireless carrier or provider.



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