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Debit Cards

Your money; wherever you are
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See the benefits of Mastercard with Rushville State Bank
Rushville State Bank offers a Mastercard branded debit card to our checking account customers, following an approved application. Click for an application to complete. Return the completed application to our location in person or mail to Rushville State Bank, P.O. Box 50, Rushville, IL 62681.

Using your Rushville State Bank Mastercard Debit Card is like having your own personal teller. Get cash, deposit your paycheck or transfer funds between activated accounts at any of our three ATM machines located in Rushville, IL or withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide (fees may apply). The card may be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted for purchases, allowing you to take your money on the go, 24/7/365!



Lost or Stolen Cards

If you lose your card or it is stolen, notify us immediately at 217-322-3323 so we may cancel or block your card to limit your liability for unauthorized transactions. If you need to report a lost/stolen card after hours, please call 217-322-3323 and choose the option for Lost Cards on the phone menu to report your card to our card processor.  You may also "turn off" your card in Online or Mobile Banking, using the "Manage Cards" link, until you can contact us during our regular business hours.  If your card is not listed under the "Manage Cards" link, see more information on the Online Banking page to add additional card numbers.


Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Following receipt of your Rushville State Bank debit card, you will receive a PIN to allow you to obtain cash from an ATM or to authorize a merchant transaction. If you forget your PIN or wish to change your assigned PIN, please stop by our location at 100 E. Lafayette Street, Rushville to change your PIN.  If you know your current PIN and wish to change it, you may do so at one of our three ATMs located in Rushville.   Call us with additional questions at 217-322-3323 to discuss your options.


Traveling Suggestions

Your Rushville State Bank Mastercard Debit Card can travel with you worldwide to give you 24/7/365 access to your accounts around the globe. Before you leave on that trip, or even leave your home state, please do the following:
  • Please contact us at 217-322-3323 or send us a secure message through your Online Banking account so we may note your travel plans to ensure your card will be available for your entire trip.
  • Always travel with an additional payment method in the event of a processing issue out of our control.


Mobile Wallets

Your Rushville State Bank Mastercard Debit Card is available to be placed in Mobile Wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and FitBit Pay on your smartphone, smart-watch/wearable device or tablet. Use the wallet to make purchases securely with your device in-person or online with participating merchants.  Enroll the card in your mobile wallet using instructions available on your specific device.

  • After reading and agreeing to the Mobile Wallet Terms and Conditions on your device your card will be activated (may take a call to the Bank to complete the enrollment).  Read the Terms and Conditions here as well. 
  • If you have questions concerning the use of Mobile Wallets with your Rushville State Bank debit card, please contact us at 217-322-3323.