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Leasing Program

Alternative financing to suit all of your needs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Keep bank credit lines available
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Our Partnership

Rushville State Bank believes in giving our customers lending options that are tailored to their specific operation.

Through a partnership with the Wisconsin Banker’s Bank, Rushville State Bank offers a leasing program as a financing alternative to our customers. Leasing allows you to enjoy the benefits of acquiring new or used equipment, buildings, cars or trucks without committing a large amount of cash as a down payment. We are able to offer a variety of flexible leasing programs, including operating and capital/finance leases that can be designed to fit your specific needs as a business owner or an individual.



Benefits of leasing over traditional bank financing

Rushville State Bank offers a wide variety of lease financing options to assist you with your specific operation, regardless of the size. You will have the confidence of working with a locally-owned and managed financial institution. All settlement, processing, and servicing of the leasing arrangements are performed locally.